The Phasco relationship program is a coaching process that allows a couple to grow closer through trust, communication, and teamwork. The program teaches a number of tools and concepts that improve the dialogue between a couple. The Phasco process helps couples look deeper into their relationship to create stronger bonds. Using the 5 A's ( A-ssessing, A-wareness, A-cknowledging, A-ction, A-ctualization) the couple focuses on what has brought them to this spot in the relationship and how it is working for them. The couple will look at the future and help determine where they want to go and then develop a road map on how to get there.

Couples can sign up for one-on-one coaching or register for the 3 day Retreat. Call 403-392-3044 cost and availability.



Quitting smoking can be very easy or very hard based on the mindset and readiness of the individual. Using the 5A's (A-ssessing, A-wareness, A-cknowledging, A-ction, A-ctualization) we first learn the why and how behind your smoking and then create a plan to gain freedom from smoking. Coaching can be completed as part of a group or individually. Shortly in the future, we will have an on-line program that can be completed. Call 403-392-3044 for more information.



The first 12 week program will be starting January 10. The program will cost $397. The 90 minute classes will run at 9 am and 7:30 pm.

Call 403-392-3044 to register.